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Eunice Oakes
Harry's Family

Harry arrived in Northern Ontario with very little money to his name, but through hard work and experience he helped found the Tough-Oakes Mine, and later established the Lakeshore Mine. It was during this early period that he convinced his sister Gertrude Oakes to make the move to Kirkland Lake.

With the success of the Lakeshore Mine, Harry was in a position to travel the world. On one of his travels he met his future wife Eunice McIntyre. Harry and Eunice soon began a family before relocating from Kirkland Lake to Niagara Falls.

The Oakes Family has endured its fair share of adventures and hardships. Despite the fame and fortune that came with being a member of the Oakes Family, many family members maintained a low profile, even after Harry’s death.

To learn more about members of Harry’s immediate family, click on the links provided.
Nancy Oakes
Gertrude Oakes


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